Independent Support

Independent Supporters are trained to help families and young people through the new Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) assessment process. The support incudes 

  • Offering advice on the telephone
  • Face to face meetings
  • Home visits
  • Attending meetings in settings
  • Listening  to you and your child or young person
  • Meet with you to explain the process, find out what's working well and what you might like to work better
  • Help you to start thinking about your aspirations for your child and what's important for the future
  • Provide support during meetings
  • Help to make sure you and your child's views are heard and understood by all involved
  • Work with professionals to help gather any information relevant for the assessment
  • Help to explain professional reports and recommendations
  • Help with any paperwork, including the draft Education, Health and Care Plan 
  • Help parents and/or young people understand the local referral processes for services and the Local Offer
  • Support young people who are in further education with a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) who may wish to request an EHCP assessment 

for more details on Independent Support please contact Iain Macdonald on 01925 442978 or by email at